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STAGE TWO RESTORATION - This is our very own "Stage Two" DVD. When we first came to Fred's place to put it bluntly “it was virtually derelict”. This DVD shows Leon and his small team putting in a lot of hard work getting Fred's place ready for opening! its a bit like "the Plank" which featured Eric Sykes, very funny, especially when you see us hauling these bloody great coping stones up a ramp we constructed using Fred's ropes and pulleys, tied to the front railings. Even funnier when you see Leon fall on the floor with one of these large stones nearly flattening him, real “you've been framed” stuff this is, hilarious but serious stuff. You will also see the Big Victorian Engine we have completely refurbished actually working. We have had many comments on this DVD from visitors that have purchased it and the general concensus is “absolutely brilliant”. Again this is our own exclusive DVD it is not available anywhere else on this planet, it is not a super smooth professional DVD but my goodness it will definitely entertain you.


PRICE - £14.99 with PnP £1.99

ONCE IN A LIFETIME -  This is Alf Molyneux as seen on TV in the BBC series tour of Britain. Alf is stood in front of a coach load of 50 visitors at the Fred Dibnah Heritage centre in Fred's main workshop, telling stories of working with Fred and talking about the tour of Britain he did with Fred. There are some lovely stories and we are so glad we caught these on a film as Alf is a great bloke and we felt his stories will are too valuable to be forgotten. You will love hearing these stories, they are gold dust. Again this DVD is exclusive to the FDHC and is not available anywhere else.


PRICE - £14.99 with PnP £1.99

PARK MILL - This is about the last chimney drop Fred did in Royton Oldham early 2004 and as you will know he sadly passed away later that year.  Again its exclusive to the FDHC and is unseen footage! It is very "rough and ready" as it was filmed with a camcorder on the day so don't expect a super duper professional DVD, but it is certainly worth watching as it shows all the hard work that went into cutting out the bottom of a chimney when preparing for the drop.  It also shows Fred and the team in the pub with Fred telling stories such as “I was working on a chimney and I was black as the ace of spades, when I went back to t'hotel they wouldn't let me in till I had a wash in the bloody car park”. Absolute classic Fred again and not available anywhere else.


PRICE - £14.99 with PnP £1.99

JUST FRED - Our Best Selling DVD -  aptly named "Just Fred"because its 37 minutes of pure Fred ! Its a collage of super footage of Fred put together exclusively for the FDHC and includes two hilarious TV ads Fred did quite early on in his TV career! You will laugh your socks off with this as its classic Fred. The first advert is for Redland Roof Tiles where Fred's on tne roof and he tells you,  “these tiles are guaranteed for life1" The other advert is for, wait for it, Vodaphone, and he hated mobile phones! He has this brick of a phone and says “Vodaphone, thats the way to go!" Absolutely brilliant, you will love this DVD exclusive to and only available at the FDHC.


PRICE - £14.99 with PnP £1.99

Own a piece of Fred's original boiler! Section of Tube from Fred Dibnah Danks Boiler + Cert of authenticity, each section prepared by hand! £35 & £6.99 PnP - a rare item!!



These sweat shirts are top quality and wash well without losing colour! they come in small, medium, large, XL, XL2, XL3, XL4. Please state your size when ordering!


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These polo shirts are top quality and wash well without losing colour! they come in small, medium, large, XL, XL2, XL3, XL4. Please state your size when ordering!


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Hey folks here is our new FDHC tee shirt in black now on sale at £12.99.  These are top quality and wash very well the printing STAYS no matter how many times you wash it, sorry about the ugly bugger in the pictures ( its me ) postage is just £1.99.


A DAY WITH FRED'S WHISTLE - this is 100% previously unseen footage, three chaps came to Fred's place to help put a whistle on Freds boiler, they filmed all day and sent us the footage with complete copyright, this took us two years to edit and turn into a very entertaining DVD. We see Fred with his two sons Jack and Roger when they were little boys being interviewed by one of the chaps filming, very sweet footage and completely unseen previously, we see the beautiful engine named after Freds daughter Caroline, that used to power the whole site ( this engine was taken away when the site was left empty, so this is really rare footage ) you see the engine in situ in the little shed Fred brought from his mums back yard, with Jack working the engine, lots of great footage when Fred was in full swing, you see Fred telling these chaps about the Redland Roof TV advert he did and how they gave him roofing tiles so he could finish the big workshop roof. off. This is brilliant footage and must be seen.


PRICE - £14.99 with PnP £1.99

MAGNIFICENT MONUMENTS - Fred tours Britain searching out magnificent monuments, from ancient earthworks through to modern day structures. He looks at how and why things were built and what sort of tools and materials were used and how buildings were adapted and altered to meet changing needs.


• See some of Fred’s favourite castles, cathedrals, palaces, tunnels and bridges and discover the skills that were required to design, build and decorate these incredible constructions.

• From Hadrian’s Wall to St Paul’s Cathedral and the Thames Barrier to the ’Pepsi Max Big One’ Rollercoaster, Fred reveals just what makes a monument into one of Britain’s best.

• Box Set comprises of: Castles and Forts, Houses and Palaces, Places of Worship, Places of Work, Bridges and Tunnels and Pleasure Palaces.


PRICE - £9.99 wih Pnp £1.99

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