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Please note we have only recently put this message on our facebook page and have had a brilliant response.  With a good number of shares already spoken for in lots of £250, £500 and even £1,000 !  

If you would like to reserve shares in the Heritage centre please email us asap to avoid disappointment as we will be announcing the shares campaign to the press as soon as we have all the finer details on paper and judging by the response so far we are confident that once it becomes public it will be a sellout.





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After much discussion with our advisors we have been advised that we must reintroduce a minimum share amount if we are to attract serious investors, so the minimum shareholding will be £250, anybody that cannot afford this can make a donation to the charitable trust that has been set up and the trust will buy shares in the Heritage centre on their behalf, ( please do not send any money yet though, we will advise when to do this if you email us ). Lots of people have already said they would like to make donations so thats a good sign. Doing it this way means that those that want to help preserve this wonderful piece of English Heritage can now do so by helping the charitable trust and help preserve Freds legacy for future generations to enjoy and learn from. The plan is to turn the Heritage centre into an IPS ( Industrial Provident Society ) a  CO-OP in other words that will be run on a not for profit basis, we are currently working on our prospectus and this will be available for potential investors very soon.   Those that can afford £250 or more will have preferential shares or what we term as gold shares with special benefits to be announced soon. So come on you fred fans and in fact anybody who respects Englands Heritage lets get to it and preserve the Heritage centre for many years to come. It has always been the aim to allow Fred's true fans to ultimately own Freds home now known as The Fred Dibnah Heritge centre, it was always Fred's dream for his home to be a heritage centre and in fact he applied for planning consent for this, however he was refused consent and gave up on the idea.


After five years bringing the site back from a virtually derelict state, fighting against all the odds ( and there have been many ), applying for and obtaining the planning consent that Fred was denied ( which took almost 12 months ), we have now turned the site into a self sufficient successful venue.  According to Tripadvisor, it is Boltons top venue.  It has a great future with terrific growth potential, especially once we return it to steam power.  The number of visitors has grown steadily each year and this year we have more coach parties booked in than ever.

My wife has been unbelievably supportive over the past 5 years, however, her health has suffered and it is time for us to move over and make room for younger management.

Fred Dibnah birthday bash 2012 April 28 (163)

To this end we are ready to finally announce our campaign to hand the Heritage Centre over to Fred's fans to ensure the future of the Heritage Centre. We are currently in the process of training our management team that will ensure the Centre is run as efficiently as it always has been.  


We do not want to sell the site as this could mean a property developer could close it down and redevelop it which would be a travesty and would result in the loss of a truly important piece of Boltons heritage. So this is the plan;

We are in the process of setting up the IPS ( industrial Provident Society ) and issuing 1million shares at £1 each. Those that can afford £250 or more shares will get special benefits and possibly tax relief on their investment, anybody that makes a donation will have their name on a recognition board that will be displayed at the Heritage centre,  when we meet the target of 1m, out of the proceeds we will buy a steam roller or traction engine and give it to the Heritage Centre.  This will mean a significant increase to visitor numbers to the Centre, we have some fantastic idea's to improve the centre and make it even more successful thus making it a very worthwhile investment for shareholders, also we will pay for a toilet block ( approx cost £50k ), including disabled facilities and have the boiler fixed so we can steam up.  Then, at last, Fred’s place will return to steam as promised.  The charitable trust we have set up will hopefully ultimately be running the Centre on behalf of the IPS, this way the Centre will be owned by Freds fans which has always been the ultimate aim.


If you would like to register for shares please email us to note your interest ( PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY AT THIS STAGE ) and a notice of interest means you are under no obligation !!

Once the shares are all spoken for we do not envisage issuing more shares.  Having spoken to many of our past visitors the response has been very positive, so please register your interest as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. There will be special benefits for share owners details such as the chance of winning a weeks stay at Freds and many other benefits which are to be announced shortly.


So please to email us now at to reserve your shares, as once they are gone they are gone.